When they first appeared in the early 2000s, Ladytron were wrongly included in the era's electroclash trend, but their body of work proved much more enduring and influential than that movement. Instead, Ladytron combined the fundamentals of classic synth pop -- crystalline melodies enveloped in icy textures and rippling arpeggios -- with touches of indie pop, shoegaze, disco, and industrial music. While they never deviated much from this sound, they still conjured distinctly different moods on each album, spanning the hook-laden simplicity of 2000's 604 to the darker feel of 2005's landmark Witching Hour to 2011's meditative Gravity the Seducer. Just how well they bridged the gap between synth pop's original '80s heyday and its renaissance in the 2010s was proven by 2019's Ladytron, which fit in perfectly with their previous albums as ...
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