Far and away the most successful act to emerge from the chiptune movement, Anamanaguchi have scored video games, performed on national late-night television, and charted in the Billboard 200. Combining the setup of a traditional four-piece rock band with the digitized sounds of a hacked 1985 Nintendo game system, the group make energetic, neon-splashed electro-punk equally influenced by Weezer and the Beach Boys as well as J-pop and old-skool NES games. Formed in 2004, the band became famous for its unorthodox music-making methods, based on writing melodies on the Nerdtracker II program, layering conventional instruments over the top, and feeding them through an NES while performing live. Initially releasing their music through netlabel 8bitpeoples as well as their own website, the band received significant mainstream exposure when they ...
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