Kou Kou an Da ZydebeaT

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This album is jam-packed with hot, rocking zydeco music performed by some talented musicians. Humor enters the picture by giving a good amount of the material a Dr. Hook-esque party feel. The best example of this style is on the title track, with it's clever and humorous lyrics. The accordion melody line follows a traditional zydeco phrasing, but the vocals accentuate the comical lyrics. "Boogie-Down 2-Step" gives Dwayne Kou Kou Coots a chance to showcase the hot riffs in his accordion patois. A marvelous duet featuring lead guitar and accordion on the bridge is a nice, creative touch. A strong, rocking zydeco tune with soulful vocals is "Hit da Flo." This tune, which features some bluesy guitar fretwork accentuated by nuances from the accordion, will get listeners "hittin' da dance flo." "L.A. Breakdown," one of the album's instrumentals, has a "live" feel to it with a high energy rhythm section and some more smokin' phrasings from Dwayne Kou Kou Coots' Martin accordion. It's another dance favorite, guaranteed. Gordon "Red" Suire lends his tremendous lead guitar talents to every tune on the album. One of them where he shows his blues roots, "Envies," also features some French-Cajun lyrics. There are two songs that get an ace for originality: "All I Know Is..." and "Night Times." Both use some amazing genre blending in song structure. They are virtual musical gumbos, with ingredients from country, blues, rock, and Cajun/zydeco. The final track on the album, the not-so-aptly-named "Coolin'" could have been more appropriately titled "Cookin'." The band cooks up a storm on this excellent dance instrumental that may leave some sad that the album has ended. Kou Kou an da ZydebeaT have put out what many will label a favorite party album. The energy level throughout is high, the melodies are catchy, and the lyrics are often charismatic and filled with humor. Certainly a band to keep a watchful eye upon, these musicians are forging a path in a new direction with their creative abilities and their unique talent for song structure . Like all pioneers in the music scene, many will try to mirror their style, but only a select few will come close enough to make the grade. Recommended listening for all Cajun/zydeco, country, blues, and rock music fans.