Capitol Steps

When Bush Comes to Shove

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Capitol Steps went overboard in finding opportunities to spoof both politicians and world events set to the music of familiar tunes. "Don't Go Faking You're Smart" is sung by a pair of dead-on impersonators of Laura and George W. Bush. Al Gore has faded from the political scene somewhat since his loss in 2000, but he makes a brief appearance in "Argentina" as the latest officeholder in that country's revolving-door presidency. It's hard to imagine laughing about terrorism after the events of September 11th, but "Shoe-Bomb" and "Taliban" (both of which have amusing monologues preceding them), "Who'll Drop a Bomb During Ram-a-Dan-a-Dan," "Osama Come out Tomorrow," and the hilarious reworking of "Mack the Knife" into "Pack the Knife," a not-so-inaccurate description of tightened airport security, are all a scream. Basketball superstar Michael Jordan's un-retirement is covered in "Old Man Wizard" and Bob Dylan is represented singing "Everybody Must Get Cloned." The writing and performances are brilliant throughout most of the CD, with the exception of the quickly tiresome closing monologue, "Lirty Dies," with over six minutes of scripted spoonerisms, slips of the tongue that are much funnier when they're spontaneous (and accidental). But the other 23 tracks more than make up for this dud; this CD should be required listening in history classes of the future to add a little perspective to the subject.

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