Capitol Steps

I'm So Indicted

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As on their 25 earlier releases, the Capitol Steps leave none of their subjects unscathed as they lampoon politicians, world leaders, sports figures and more in this collection of live performances, most of which are written to the tunes of very familiar songs. Kevin Corbett is hilarious as President George W. Bush in "I'm So Indicted," while Mike Thornton is dead-on in his impersonation of stiff G.O.P. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in "GOP-BS.." Reverend Pat Robertson is lampooned in a sidesplitting sendup of Paul Simon's "Mrs. Robinson"

("Here's to You, Reverend Robertson"), while the long-in-the-tooth rock group the Rolling Stones are excerpted in a spoof ("Rolling Kidney Stones") of boxed set compilations of greatest hits offered on television with reworkings like "Angioplasty," "You Can't Always Eat What You Want," and "Get Off of My Lawn," highlighted by Brian Ash's terrific impression of Mick Jagger. The financial problems of major airlines and their drastic cutbacks are the subject of "FU Airlines" (set to Anne Murray's hit "Snowbird"). Ballplayer Rafael Palmeiro strikes out in "Rafael Palmeiro's Greatest Hits," a medley of imaginative parodies, including "Lookin' for Drugs in All the Wrong Places," "I Shot the Steroids," and "Pee in a Bottle." A reprise of "God Bless My SUV," heard in a slightly different version on Between Iraq & a Hard Place, will still produce a lot of laughs among listeners fed up with encountering them. Like many of their earlier CDs, I'm So Indicted is a virtual history lesson of news events from 2005 and early 2006, though in a twisted way, that will be of most interest to those old enough to remember what inspired each spoof.

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