We Found It in the Trash Can, Honest!

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Most of the Boston bootlegs that surfaced in the late '70s contained live recordings, but We Found It in the Trash Can, Honest! is an exception. Released in 1977, this rare bootleg LP offers demos that Boston recorded in Tom Scholz's home studio in 1975 -- the very demos that led to a contract with Epic Records. Those who own Boston's self-titled debut album of 1976 would recognize most of the songs on Trash Can -- while "Don't Be Afraid of Love" is a rarity that was never released commercially, "More Than a Feeling," "Rock & Roll Band," "Hitch a Ride," "Peace of Mind," and "Something About You" all ended up being re-recorded for Boston's first album. As the bootlegger points out in the liner notes, the differences between these early pre-Epic demo versions of the songs and the final versions heard on Boston can be either subtle or obvious -- in some cases, verses were added or dropped. This record offers decent sound quality, although not surprisingly, Boston sounds a lot more produced. An album of demos wouldn't appeal to those with only a casual interest in Boston's music, but Trash Can is a bootleg that hardcore Boston collectors found interesting.