War of Sound

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First, a note on Mathias Mootz's stage name: it's Squaremeter, but on the album it's rendered M2 (get it?). Now, a note on this artist's music: it's a waste of time. At least, this particular album is a waste of time; he's done better work elsewhere in his various other guises (Panacea, Warfare, Kate Mosh, Rich Kid, etc.), but nothing on War of Sound will make most listeners care to investigate. The album's title, theme, and recurring textual motif are taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and concern the emergence of one of the more powerful and thoroughly evil characters in that book. The album consists entirely of seven tracks of dark, slow, foreboding music that mostly follows a single pattern on each track: a demonic voice intones lines from the book and fragmented glitchy noises and synthetic tones float around for a while, eventually coalescing into a turgid beat of some kind, then BOOM! -- a big, fat minor chord. Then it starts again. Apart from the relatively lively "Turbulent Sound" and the exotic vocal samples and dubby effects on "Music Seized," there's just not much here to hold your attention. The mood is just too constant, the ideas too few, and the emotional gimmicks too transparently manipulative. Not recommended.