Vivaldi Philharmonic Orchestra

Vivaldi - Greatest Composed Moments

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The title of this 2008 release is a bit deceptive. The "Vivaldi" in the title doesn't refer to the 17th century, Italian composer so much as it does the Vivaldi Philharmonic Orchestra, the ensemble featured on the recording. The program does begin with Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons violin concertos -- each one complete on its own track -- then it moves into a selection of well-known music that is found on many other chillout collections. The selections include the somber Barber Adagio for strings, Borodin's lush Nocturne, Bach's transcendent "Air on the G string," and Mahler's ├╝ber-Romantic Adagietto. For the budget-minded, there are also single-track, complete performances of Tchaikovsky's delightful Serenade for strings and Mozart's elegant Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (usually these are sold as one movement per track). Taken as a whole, this represents a bargain for the person looking for non-offensive, musical background accompaniment.