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Victor/Victoria [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger

Although the soundtrack to Victor/Victoria came out before the deluxe 31-track configuration that appeared in 2002 and again in 2016 (once even in an expanded edition), this was the most complete version yet, including 13 previously unreleased tracks when it was first issued. That might be less exciting than it sounds, as all but one of those are instrumental selections by the MGM Studio Orchestra rather than pieces with vocals by the musical's two stars, Julie Andrews and Robert Preston (though there is a previously unavailable rehearsal of "The Shady Dame from Seville" with Preston on vocals). Still, in its favor this package also boasts mastering from the original 24-track tapes; the complete version of "You and Me" (with both Preston and Andrews on vocals) that was heard on the original soundtrack album, though it wasn't sung to completion in the film; and learned liner notes on the film's production. As for the Henry Mancini-Leslie Bricusse-penned music, it's a throwback to the kinds of sounds that ruled the stage and screen a half-century prior to Victor/Victoria's release, albeit with better fidelity than you'd hear on a 1930s or 1940s film soundtrack, and with a somewhat saucier plot line than would have usually been allowed in some productions. Some might find that the constant orchestral interludes on the 2002 and 2016 deluxe editions dilute the flow of Preston and Andrews' slyly humorous performances, but at least in the digital versions, removing any undesired tracks from your Victor/Victoria playlist should prove to be a relatively easy task.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Victor/Victoria, film score
1 Henry Mancini 02:09 Amazon
2 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews 02:26 Amazon
3 Henry Mancini 02:53 Amazon
4 Henry Mancini feat: Robert Preston 02:34 Amazon
5 Henry Mancini 02:42 Amazon
6 Henry Mancini 02:56 Amazon
7 Henry Mancini 01:11 Amazon
8 Henry Mancini 00:59 Amazon
9 Henry Mancini 01:31 Amazon
10 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews / Victor Victoria Cast Ensemble 04:22 Amazon
11 Henry Mancini 01:47 Amazon
12 Henry Mancini 01:35 Amazon
13 Henry Mancini 00:58 Amazon
14 Henry Mancini 02:03 Amazon
15 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews 04:36 Amazon
16 Henry Mancini 03:18 Amazon
17 Henry Mancini feat: Victor Victoria Cast Ensemble / Lesley Ann Warren 02:47 Amazon
18 Henry Mancini 01:19 Amazon
19 Henry Mancini 03:28 Amazon
20 Henry Mancini 01:45 Amazon
21 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews / Robert Preston 02:53 Amazon
22 Henry Mancini 01:39 Amazon
23 Henry Mancini 02:45 Amazon
24 Henry Mancini 00:37 Amazon
25 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews 02:32 Amazon
26 Henry Mancini 01:23 Amazon
27 Henry Mancini 02:30 Amazon
28 Henry Mancini feat: Robert Preston 04:41 Amazon
29 Henry Mancini 04:55 Amazon
30 Henry Mancini feat: Julie Andrews / Robert Preston 02:54 Amazon
31 Henry Mancini feat: Robert Preston 04:46 Amazon
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