Miklós Rózsa

Valley of the Kings [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Valley of the Kings [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Review

by Bruce Eder

The Valley of the Kings is the latest exhumation from the MGM vaults of one of Miklos Rosa's scores, this time from the 1954 movie of that name -- it is not one of Rosa's more inventive scores, alas, being mostly a rather conventional (if melodic) Middle Eastern-flavored body of music. Some of the material, such as "Hamed/Carriage Race," recalls the composer's score for The Thief of Baghdad, and the material is never less than listenable -- Rosa's subtle interweaving of rich melodies and timbres, coupled with his carefully balanced orchestrations, make this an intensely emotional listening experience as the music tugs on us. What's more, both this score and the music from the 1954 Korean War feature Men of the Fighting Lady (also scored by Rosa) appear here in full stereo mixes that only add to the rich timbral effects and sonic textures. Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall's annotation spends a little too much time trying to equate Valley of the Kings with the Indiana Jones movies, which comes off as plain silly, but the musical descriptions are valid. As an additional bonus, a thematically-related Rosa soundtrack excerpt from the MGM version of King Solomon's Mines is also included.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Valley of the Kings, film score
1 Miklós Rózsa 02:12 Amazon
2 Miklós Rózsa 02:21 Amazon
3 Miklós Rózsa 02:48 Amazon
4 Miklós Rózsa 01:23 Amazon
5 Miklós Rózsa 01:46 Amazon
6 Miklós Rózsa 03:16 Amazon
7 Miklós Rózsa 02:36 Amazon
8 Miklós Rózsa 02:12 Amazon
9 Miklós Rózsa 04:47 Amazon
10 Miklós Rózsa 01:16 Amazon
11 Miklós Rózsa 07:46 Amazon
12 Miklós Rózsa 03:02 Amazon
13 Miklós Rózsa 03:02 Amazon
14 Miklós Rózsa 01:18 Amazon
15 Miklós Rózsa 03:05 Amazon
King Solomon's Mines, film trailer excerpt
16 Miklós Rózsa 01:50 Amazon
Men of the Fighting Lady, film score
17 Miklós Rózsa 02:13 Amazon
18 Miklós Rózsa 19:49 Amazon
19 Miklós Rózsa 00:50 Amazon
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