Lee "Scratch" Perry

Upsetter in Dub

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Lee Perry is a brilliant producer who, through his groundbreaking work with the early Wailers and with singers such as Junior Byles and Max Romeo (not to mention his own studio band, the mighty Upsetters), is probably as responsible as any other individual for the development of modern reggae. He is also probably certifiably insane, and the recordings he produces are all informed to a greater or lesser degree by his gleeful madness -- Perry's Black Ark studio turned out some of the strangest and most wonderful sounds ever to be set to a reggae beat. Those recordings are nowhere stranger or more wonderful than in their dub versions. Upsetter in Dub collects 18 dub cuts taken from singles both famous (Max Romeo's "War inna Babylon," Junior Murvin's "Roots Train") and obscure (the Congos' "Noah Sugar Pan"). The murky, dark sound that is Perry's signature is evident everywhere, as is his tendency to skirt the very edge of sonic disaster; instruments fly in and out of the mix with no warning, and those that are left in place get drenched with echo or flanged beyond reason. For dub fans, it doesn't get much better than this. Others may want to approach with caution.