Mr. Dé

The Y2K EP

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The Y2K EP includes a vocal song charged with anthem-ready lyrics to chant and an instrumental song sure to keep everything on the dancefloor shaking. The vocal song, "Get It Right," doesn't go pornographic but instead stays rather tame: "niggas better get it right/bitches better get it right/woooo/uhuh." The lyrics may not stand on their own, but they are rather catchy, and, more importantly, the song has a great synth melody that should make it a heavily played club track. On the flip side, "The Y2K Bug" takes an AUX 88-style approach to electro, with some up-tempo percussion, synth riffs, and some robotic number sounds. But this song doesn't fall victim to the tendencies of generic electro; it may show its influences, but it radiates a refreshing approach to a somewhat tired style.