The Smurfs

The Smurfs Christmas Album

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In a humbler age, the Smurfs were singing religious hymns and traditional favorites. "The Smurfs Christmas Album" reveals a real sense of changing times, with songs borrowed from George Michael and Paul McCartney as well as synthesized holiday rockers. It's a lot of fun for the whole family but judging by the few samples of new songs by Barry Corbett (the Smurfs' own writer), an album dedicated to completely original material would have been an even better treat. Instead of just having them sing old songs or giving them childish material to deal with, Corbett has provided them with some exceptional pieces on most of their albums. The single release "Your Christmas Wish" is a gem and "Christmas With the Smurfs" is as jingly as "Smurfing Around the Christmas Tree." You can't tell the difference in quality music between the Smurfs original tunes and the Christmas classics. Corbett could make a real pop writing living aside from the Smurfs and the fact that his affection has stuck with them for over two decades is really saying something.