The Hits of Rodgers & Hart

Various Artists

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The Hits of Rodgers & Hart Review

by arwulf arwulf

Songwriters Richard Rodgers (1902-1979) and Lorenz Hart (1895-1943) are the honorees celebrated in this anthology of 23 historic recordings that was released by Pearl Flapper in 1992. Focusing upon a time period from 1926-1940, this nostalgic collection features cabaret singers, movie stars, and pop vocalists who were active in London and New York between the two world wars. The lineup, in addition to orchestras led by Carroll Gibbons, Ray Sinatra and Paul Whiteman, includes Jeanette Macdonald, Rudy Valleé, Frances Langford, Al Jolson, Helen Kane, Edythe Baker, Phyllis Dare, Helen Morgan, Chick Endor, Ray Heatherton, Shirley Ross, Jack Whiting, Gloria Grafton, Dorothy Dickson & the Gilt-Edged Four, Leslie Arthur Julien Hutchinson (popularly known in England as Hutch), Vienna-born Greta Keller, gangster's moll Ruth Etting, and gloriously elegant Adelaide Hall, famous for her work with Duke Ellington in the '20s and lastingly popular in England and Scandinavia during the second half of her very long life. While jazzier Rodgers & Hart compilations can and do illustrate the influence that their songbook had upon modern improvisers, these straightforward, old-fashioned performances accurately demonstrate what the tunes sounded like when presented in their authentic original settings. It's a good way to learn the songs, and a fabulous introduction to 18 stars of stage and screen, some of whom might otherwise have eluded detection by all but the most diligent delvers into the golden shadows of Tin Pan Alley.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Carroll Gibbons / Jack Whiting 02:53 Amazon
2 Donald Novis / Paul Whiteman Orchestra 03:22 Amazon
3 Paul Whiteman Orchestra 02:56 Amazon
4 Carroll Gibbons / Savoy Hotel Orpheans / Jack Whiting 02:49 Amazon
5 Paul Whiteman Orchestra 02:48 Amazon
6 Edythe Baker 03:45 Amazon
7 Frances Langford / Rudy Vallée 02:54 Amazon
8 Helen Kane 02:35 Amazon
9 02:48 Amazon
10 Dorothy Dickson 02:30 Amazon
11 Jeanette MacDonald / Paramount Studio Orchestra 03:17 Amazon
12 Shirley Ross / Ray Sinatra 03:12 Amazon
13 Ray Heatherton 01:31 Amazon
14 Rudy Vallée 02:38 Amazon
15 Greta Keller 03:12 Amazon
16 Helen Morgan 03:14 Amazon
17 Leslie Hutchinson 03:09 Amazon
18 Chick Endor 02:45 Amazon
19 Ruth Etting 03:23 Amazon
20 Leslie Hutchinson 03:06 Amazon
21 Al Jolson 03:28 Amazon
22 Adelaide Hall 03:27 Amazon
23 Paul Whiteman Orchestra 08:24 Amazon
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