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Space: 1999 - Year 1 [Original Television Soundtrack]

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AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann

Space: 1999 was a British science-fiction television series of the mid-'70s executive-produced by Gerry Anderson (whose previous work included the series Fireball XL-5 and Thunderbirds) about a lunar space colony starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (both of Mission: Impossible fame). The series ran two seasons (26 episodes) and was syndicated in the U.S. For the scoring, Anderson turned to Barry Gray, a favorite composer of his. But, according to annotator Ralph Titterton, "the Musician's Union had enforced regulations that allowed Gray to score only five episodes in each 13," presumably to spread out TV work to more union members, and since Gray did not work on the second season, those five episodes -- "Matter of Life and Death," "Breakaway," "Black Sun," "Ring Around the Moon," and "Another Time, Another Place" -- constitute his only work for the series (and, as it happens, his final scoring work for films and television). That music makes up the bulk of this soundtrack album, although a host of other composers also contribute. Actually, Gray's writing sounds even more impressive than usual in the context of these interpolations. His extended suites, usually employing large orchestras, are the only music here that doesn't sound like it was just dashed off for a TV series. Rather, it sounds like good film music, full of emotion and nuance. Not that Gray is above coming up with short, lively rock music; this he does particularly in the main theme, co-written with Vic Elms (the former singer of the rock group Christie and Anderson's son-in-law). But for the most part, the gimmicky stuff is left to the likes of Giampiero Goneschi, whose music for the "Force of Life" episode is full of synthesizer blips, Jim Sullivan's sitar music for "The Troubled Spirit," and Elms and Alan Willis' wah-wah guitar music (think Shaft in space) for "Ring Around the Moon," although Paul Bonneau and Serge Lancen's music for "The Testament of Arkadia" is effective orchestral/choral scoring. (This nearly 80-minute CD released Silva Screen Records in 2005 is not to be confused with the much shorter LP of Space: 1999 soundtrack music released by RCA Victor Records in the mid-'70s.)

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Space: 1999, television series music
1 01:10 Amazon
Space 1999, television series score
2 12:34 Amazon
3 04:05 Amazon
4 09:49 Amazon
Space: 1999, television series music
5 00:32 Amazon
Space 1999: The Infernal Machine, television episode score
6 05:13 Amazon
Space 1999: The Force of Life, television episode score
7 01:35 Amazon
Space 1999: Ring around the Moon, television episode score
8 01:41 Amazon
Space 1999, television series score
9 12:15 Amazon
Space 1999: Mission of the Darians, television episode score
10 02:13 Amazon
Space 1999: The Troubled Spirit, television episode score
11 02:58 Amazon
Space: 1999, television series music
12 01:42 Amazon
Space 1999: The Testament of Arkadia, television episode score
13 05:44 Amazon
Space 1999, television series score
14 17:39 Amazon
Space: 1999, television series music
15 00:34 Amazon
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