"Blue" Gene Tyranny

Somewhere in Arizona 1970

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In the collection "Imaginary Landscapes." Composed in 1987, the text written by the composer for this extended song for voice and electronics is partly based on a hypnotic regression session conducted by psychologist Berthold E. Schwarz. An unidentified respondent tells the story of meeting a friend in 1970 he hadn't seen for many years, and goes on to relate an incredible story of being taken by his friend to an underground base "somewhere in Arizona" where UFOs had been stored since 1910. The song, one of three by this composer concerning friendships in crisis, expresses the emotional duality of the singer in wanting to believe his friend and on the other hand suspecting that he is being set up to spread "disinformation": "I was scared and I wanted out. I had no right to be there. I said, 'Friend, you know that we go back a long time, but I don't want to understand any more 'cause you get in and you don't get out. And right now you value security above everything, even one hell of a friendship.' He said, 'It's almost dawn. We have, still, a long way to go. Buried in the sand, this craft was not damaged. And, hidden in time, unharmed are you and I' ". The tape part utilizes both modified acoustic instruments, playing and expanding on pitch samples from the vocalist's phrases, and also pitched natural sounds, creating a sound somewhere between an art song and a movie soundtrack. "An eerie but cohesive essay" (The New York Times).