DJ Irene

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Rockstar Review

by David Jeffries

Sneering on the inner sleeve, giving you the devil-horn salute in the booklet, and holding back her pitbull on the back cover, you'd think DJ Irene was going to be mashing up Judas Priest with some gabba techno or something. Well, there are a lot of sampled guitars on Rockstar, but it's more hard rock's over-the-top attitude that paints this mix, one that will make dance snobs whimper and beg for mercy. Slick, hard house tracks get their two to three minutes before it's on to the next one in DJ Irene's world, creating a hectic, party atmosphere that's off the hook. Sensation's "The Anthem 2004" offers a bit of a breather before Irene goes from angry house to even angrier drum'n'bass for the middle of the disc. Then it's back to house for the final third of the album, which brings it down a notch. Good thing too because otherwise you'd have to go out and start some fires just to calm down. Without a doubt a loud "you have to be in the mood for it" dance mix, but it's got tons of brash attitude and Irene can sling them tunes faster and fiercer than most. Buckle up!

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 DJ Irene feat: C., George 00:26 Amazon
2 DJ Irene 06:26 Amazon
3 DJ Irene feat: C., George / George C. Peed 02:47 Amazon
4 DJ Irene feat: Laurent Wolf 01:33 Amazon
5 DJ Irene feat: Christopher Wight 03:55 Amazon
6 DJ Irene feat: David Forbes / Mallorca Lee 02:20 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: C., George / George C. Peed 02:32 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: That Mucho 03:09 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: Double Unit 01:38 Amazon
10 DJ Irene feat: Todd Tobias 02:46 Amazon
11 DJ Irene feat: Sensation 02:10 Amazon
12 DJ Irene feat: E-Z Rollers 00:52 Amazon
13 DJ Irene feat: Karl K. / Kaos / Jae Kennedy 00:45 Amazon
14 DJ Irene feat: George C. Peed / Darren R. 00:49 Amazon
15 DJ Irene feat: Roni Size 00:37 Amazon
16 DJ Irene feat: George C. Peed / Darren R. 01:13 Amazon
17 DJ Irene feat: Cajmere / Dajae / George C. Peed 04:32 Amazon
18 DJ Irene feat: A-Squared / Angel Alanis 02:21 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: Bryan Cox 02:42 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: Jay Walker 01:12 Amazon
21 DJ Irene feat: Antoine Clamaran / Lulu Hughes 03:06 Amazon
22 DJ Irene feat: Laurent Konrad 02:14 Amazon
23 DJ Irene feat: George C. Peed 03:03 Amazon
24 DJ Irene feat: C., George / George C. Peed 02:29 Amazon
DJ Irene feat: BT / Tiƫsto 04:06 Amazon
26 DJ Irene feat: Airscape 03:45 Amazon
27 DJ Irene feat: Three Drives 02:35 Amazon
28 DJ Irene feat: Deep Dish 03:21 Amazon
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