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Resored Review

by Alex Henderson

No new wave act was bootlegged more exhaustively than Blondie in the late 1970s and early 1980s. So when the influential power-popsters embarked on a reunion tour in 1998, fans could safely assume that bootleggers would be paying close attention. One of the bootlegs that surfaced in the late 1990s was Resored (sic), which was recorded live at the Lyceum in London in December 1998. This CD boasts excellent sound quality. Though not recommended to the casual listener, for seasoned Blondie fans, this recording has a lot going for it. Deborah Harry and friends never sound like they're simply going through the motions; they sound genuinely enthusiastic about being back together. Included here is the newer material from No Exit, including "Screaming Skin," the haunting "Forgive and Forget," and the infectious hit "Maria," as well as old favorites from 1976 through 1980, such as "Sunday Girl," "In the Flesh," "Call Me," "Heart of Glass," "One Way or Another," and the way-ahead-of-its-time "Rapture" (which, in 1980, marked the first time that a major pop-rock act acknowledged the emerging hip-hop culture). For the record, the title of this disc really is Resored, not Restored. Perhaps the illicit Shout to the Top label was guilty of a typo, but more than likely, the bootlegger was simply trying to be cute.