Nurse with Wound

Present the Sisters of Pataphysics

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This album is a compilation offering remixes from tracks from the first three Nurse With Wound albums -- Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table, To the Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl, and Merzbild Schwet -- with a track from each on each side of the LP. Most of the original pieces took up an entire side and most of them arguably rambled on for too long, so the Present the Sisters of Pataphysics album is quite a nice way to get the three records edited down onto one slab of vinyl. The record generally uses one of the stronger sections of a piece, like the eerie music box tinkling from "Ostranenie" or the crazed French chanson and talking over clanking rhythms and organ swirl from "Futurismo" or "Six Buttons of Sex Appeal," which begins with the yelling that appears halfway through the original piece. On the other hand, "Six Buttons," which takes up half the second side, is the only piece that goes on for too long. The rest is really good, with lots of clanking rhythms and other dark sounds that come from somewhere in industrial, Krautrock, and free jazz. Unlike some of N.W.W.'s other reissued tracks, these pieces haven't been noticeably altered that much other than judicious editing, so this record isn't really that essential if you own the other three.