Nurse with Wound

Angry Eelectric Finger, Vol. 1: Tape Monkey Mooch

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AllMusic Review by Tim DiGravina

The Angry Eelectric Finger series saw Nurse with Wound handing over raw source material recorded in 2001-2003 to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe, and irr. app. (ext.) to reinterpret as they saw fit. Part one, subtitled Tape Monkey Mooch, featured the 2003 "lovingly dissected, fertilized, and re-grown" noodlings of Jim O'Rourke. Though O'Rourke's added strings and effects bolster the original recordings with emotional weight, the dissonance and experimental apocalypticism are all trademark Nurse with Wound. It seems O'Rourke didn't do much to stir the pot. The first track is awash with winding and grinding noises, electronic squelches and belches. A listener might picture a mad tinkerer creating sadistic toys and robots in his lab, while outside the sounds of hell bubble away in a frightening cacophony that would give even the Kronos Quartet nightmares. Screeching takes over three-fourths of the way in, like the sounds of metal gurneys clanging together in a haunted hospital ward. Percolating underneath the track's 20 minutes are ambient disc loops highly indebted to Oval. The second track is equally haunted and paranoid, though more pensive with its sad flutes and disjointed saxophone sampled from Xhol Caravan. Mournful strings collide and explode, loud clangs are everywhere, high-pitched callings give way to chanting, giant fingers seem to slide across the tops of water-filled glasses, and the whole thing slows to halt with sounds suggestive of the jewelry shops on Florence's Ponte Vecchio closing up their complex wooden doors for the night. Fans of Nurse with Wound or Jim O'Rourke's more experimental, dissonant work will likely find interest in these challenging 40 minutes, but this release is far from the most compelling material of either artist. Perhaps it would be more interesting as the soundtrack to an art installation, but as a stand-alone recording, most casual listeners will probably see little reason for multiple playbacks.

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Nurse with Wound feat: Jim O'Rourke 20:31 Amazon
Nurse with Wound feat: Jim O'Rourke 19:30 Amazon
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