Pop Legends Live! [DVD]

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Concert videos are always sketchy affairs. Even the most amazing performances are often lost when one is asked to sit on the couch merely viewing what was meant to be a visceral experience of live music. The notion that a DJ could even conduct a concert (as opposed to a rave or party or club or whatever) is suspect. What does he do up there? The assumption that a fan would actually want to sit and watch said concert for three hours on the television is borderline ridiculous. Yet here we have "The World's #1 DJ" Tiësto attempting just such a feat. We know Tiësto is the number one DJ in the world due to the announcer who reminds the crowd of said fact every couple of minutes. Perhaps such blatant idolatry is what makes the concert? It could also be the immense light show that makes the performance. Perhaps it's the addition of occasional performers, a violin player who accompanies the track "Lethal Industries" or the Cirque du Soleil performers who prance about the stage during "Magikal Circus." It could even be the unfortunately paced magic trick which finds Tiësto suspended in a box suspended above the crowd, only to have him magically appear back behind the decks (this grotesque buzz kill is wisely hidden on the bonus disc). All that's left are the pyrotechnics, which occupy a good 12 minutes of video time before Tiësto even appears on-stage in the beginning. In doing so, such a display toys with every superstar DJ's biggest fear, that his fans will realize that, in fact, there is little need for the man up there at all. Some canned beats, lots of flashing lights and a massive throng of sweaty dancers is what really makes the party. The fact that marketing geniuses like Tiësto have managed to become celebrities says more about the public's need for personalities to celebrate than any truly exceptional talent behind the decks. Tiësto fans will argue that no other DJ offers the excitement of their hero. But unlike DJs whose mastery of the mix makes them essential to a particular musical experience, Tiësto shows himself to be merely the master of the spectacle and an exceptionally handsome grin. For those to whom that matters, this DVD gives it up in surplus.

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