Peroxide on Blonde [Bootleg]

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AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson

Recorded at the Macambo Tavern in Toronto, Canada in 1978 and at the Apollo Theater in Glasgow, Scotland in 1979, Peroxide on Blonde is a bootleg that came out in 1980. The Rising Sun label claimed this two-LP set was made in Japan and placed a combination of English and Japanese letters on the front cover. Possibly, Rising Sun really was a Japanese label -- it really does look like a Japanese import. But it's also possible that Rising Sun was actually an American company that wanted Peroxide to look like a legal import instead of a bootleg. At any rate, the good things about this album are its decent sound quality, inspired performances and attractive artwork. The frustrating thing about Peroxide is its sloppy liner notes. The songs aren't listed in their proper order, and the liner notes don't tell you what songs were recorded in Scotland and which ones were recorded in Canada. Also, it would have been nice if Rising Sun had provided exact recording dates instead of simply years. But the poor liner notes didn't prevent completists from grabbing copies of Peroxide when it turned up at record swap meets in the early '80s.