Original Jukebox Hillbillies

Various Artists

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Original Jukebox Hillbillies Review

by Steve Leggett

A collection of 26 late-'40s and early-'50s country hillbilly classics, heavy on the cornball end of things, Original Jukebox Hillbillies can't help but make you smile, and what these tracks lack in sophistication is more than made up in exuberant goofiness. Underneath it all is some inspired playing, though, and groups like the Hoosier Hot Shots are really small jazz combos masquerading as string bands, as their version of "Is It True What They Say About Dixie?" makes clear. Some of these tracks are inexplicably strange, like Carson Robison's campy "Steamboat Keep a 'Rockin'," or the wheezing, accordion-led "Down at the Bottom of the Mountain" by Eddie Younger's Mountaineers, while others, like Bill Carlisle's "Are You Going to Leave Me Lil," approach the propulsive velocity of bluegrass. "Matchbox Blues," done here as an easy, fiddle-paced shuffle by the Shelton Brothers, is an obvious highlight. This sort of thing isn't for everyone, but collectors and historians of early country will find this disc fascinating, while casual listeners will find it unforgettable, if not memorable.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 The Shelton Brothers 02:58 Amazon
Uncle Henry's Original Kentucky Mountaineers 02:32 Amazon
02:42 Amazon
4 Frankie Marvin 03:03 Amazon
5 Uncle Henry's Original Kentucky Mountaineers 01:34 Amazon
6 02:51 Amazon
7 Hoosier Hot Shots 02:36 Amazon
8 The Shelton Brothers 03:11 Amazon
02:41 Amazon
10 Carson Robison 02:57 Amazon
02:43 Amazon
The Shelton Brothers 02:33 Amazon
Denver Darling 02:45 Amazon
14 Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers 03:09 Amazon
Hillbillies in a Haunted House 02:52 Amazon
16 Arkie the Arkansas Woodchopper 02:49 Amazon
17 Carson Robison 03:03 Amazon
18 Zeke Winters 03:15 Amazon
19 Bill Carlisle 02:39 Amazon
The Shelton Brothers 03:07 Amazon
21 Hoosier Hot Shots 02:55 Amazon
22 Hillbillies in a Haunted House 03:13 Amazon
23 Bill Carlisle 02:38 Amazon
24 Cliff Carlisle 02:52 Amazon
Frank Luther 03:04 Amazon
26 Carson Robison 06:30 Amazon
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