Nothing Lasts Forever

Tribe of Gypsies

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Nothing Lasts Forever Review

by Jason Anderson

This follow-up EP to Tribe of Gypsies' wonderful debut is an interesting collection that almost lives up to its predecessor. On Nothing Lasts Forever, the group sticks to its established formula of instrumentally aggressive (if perhaps somewhat '80s-sounding) hard rock, spiked with a healthy dose of Latin rhythm. As is true throughout the group's catalog, the finer moments always arrive when the band -- led by guitarist Roy Z -- takes off on long uninterrupted instrumental excursions. Z always leads the way during these musical highlights with his aggressive soloing and warm tone, but everyone contributes. Edward Casillas (bass), Mario Aquilar (timbales and percussion), Dave Ingraham (drums), Elvis Balladares (percussion), and Dean Ortega (vocals) do excellent jobs with their respective instruments. Although Z's technically daring guitar work always takes center stage, every bandmember plays with obvious attention not only to the music but also to each other, which makes for a warm, organic listening experience. The three original English-language cuts on Nothing Lasts Forever seem rushed lyrically, which is only a slight drawback considering the musical focus of the band. The sentiments do seem heartfelt, but a few less obvious lyrical images and rhymes would have done better justice to this otherwise impressive recording.