Tribe of Gypsies was conceived originally by guitarist/songwriter/producer Roy Z in the early '90s as the musician tried to break out of the stifling hard rock music scene of the time. After recording and performing with several hard rock/metal outfits during the '80s (most notably Driver in New England), Z returned home to L.A. in order to explore a new musical style. Drawing on his immense guitar technique and his Latin-American musical roots, Z. was envisioning a modern Santana before the respected guitarist's huge comeback or the major emergence of Latin rock in the U.S. market. After shopping a demo tape in 1991, Z was approached by German independent label Dream Circle to release the first Tribe of Gypsies disc before a lineup for the band had been decided upon. Dean Ortega on vocals, Eddie Casillas on bass, Dave Ingraham on drums, ...
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