Will to Mangle

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Alternative metal isn't quite as far-reaching a term as alternative rock, but it's far reaching enough -- alterna-metal (which is part of alternative rock) can be anything from Nothingface to Hammerlock to the rap-metal of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem. In the case of Sourvein's Will to Mangle, alternative metal means a brutally heavy approach that combines a Black Sabbath obsession with a death metal-ish vocal style. That isn't to say that Will to Mangle is actually a death metal/black metal or grindcore release; while the majority of bands that fall into those categories spend most or all of their time playing at insanely fast tempos, Sourvein provides slow riffs that are consistently Sabbath-minded. The main thing that Will to Mangle has in common with a lot of death metal, black metal, and grindcore releases is a distorted, tormented, abrasive, larynx-shredding vocal style -- T-Roy Medlin's vocals make it difficult to understand the dark lyrics that are coming out of his mouth, and his vocals end up having more to do with ambience and atmosphere than with getting a message across. But while Medlin's singing is the sort of thing that death metal fans eat up, the Sabbath-minded riffs could easily attract the attention of stoner rock enthusiasts -- most stoner rock bands are every bit as Sabbath-obsessed as Sourvein and love to groove at a slow tempo. And yet, Will to Mangle isn't a typical stoner rock release either; this CD is heavier, harsher, and more brutal than most stoner rock. Some headbangers may find Will to Mangle to a be a bit toobrutal, but those who are brave enough to go along for the ride will find it to be an enjoyably exhilarating (if somewhat limited) contribution to alterna-metal.

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