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Darlington has been bouncing around Dallas for a few years now, under various monikers and joined by various bass players. But braintrust Christy (the last name varies; usually a variation of the band name) is still happily cranking out the Queers-style punk pep. On Moron-A-Thon (Stardumb), recycled yet trusty riffs are glued together with spit balls, and bra sizes and pajama parties become fodder for the lyric book. (The Ramones redux "My Corolla" counts as an aesthetic departure; check the cheeky Knack reference, too.) Darlington can't always get by on laughs and thickheaded power chords, but they'll get you smiling as they try. "Chelsea," "Perfect" (chorus: "You're the prettiest girl in the whole world and I'm in love with you"), and the hilarious "ballad" "Croatian Cutie" all bash and pop with a sound and humor similar to types like Nerf Herder and Screeching Weasel. Best might be "Girls + Summer = Fun!," which describes a typically eye-candy-ful Dallas evening for the dudes in Darlington. "Short short shorts and tank tops with no bra/Texas blonde hair and sexy anklets too/Ooh ooh/Girl you're drivin' me crazy/Ooh ooh OOH!" You're damn right it's preposterous. But if you buy an album called Moron-A-Thon looking for introspection or a treatise on plate tectonics, then look out behind, because Darlington's about to give you an astro wedgie.

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