Euthanize Me

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"F*ck everyone who doesn't like me or my records," writes Christy Brigitte Darlington as the capper to the liner notes to this CD. The singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Darlington seems pretty defensive about the band indeed, adding elsewhere in the notes that "I know everyone's gonna slag this record off like they do all my other records, saying my vocals suck, my lyrics are dumb, the productions [sic] bad, its [sic] all a big ripoff." It's the kind of posturing that'll ignite a greater reaction, to be frank, than this record, cut with a drummer and bassist who'd never heard the songs before they went into the studio, where "there was no more than 2 takes for any one song." If the thinking was that unsympathetic critics will pick on this punk-pop music because it was too crudely recorded, well, that's really not the problem. The production and performances are raw, sure, but they have a spontaneity that suits this sort of stuff pretty well. It's more that this kind of Ramones-ish punk, drawing from both hardcore and more pop riff-driven guitar rock, really isn't anything too good, bad, or remarkable. It's passable for what it is, and derivative of much that's gone before it. The titles tell you about the lyrics in a nutshell -- "F-'Em," "Shut Up & Skate," "Two Chords," "Skate Touch or Go Home" -- with mucho sullen attitude and belligerence, though sung with a certain winning shyness that makes one suspect Darlington's not as bellicose as the words are. If you're going to name your album Euthanize Me, however, you might as well spell the title track the same way instead of calling it "Euthanise Me."

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