Karlheinz Stockhausen

Momente (Moments) for Soprano Solo, 4 Choral Groups and 13 Instrumentalists

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Currently out-of-print vinyl, this complex, thrillingly dramatic, erotic and spiritual piece of several hours duration was composed and premiered in 1962.

There are three types of sound "moments" presented by the various groups: K-Momente or Klang timbre-moments, M-Momente or Melody-moments, and D-Momente or Duration-moments. These three parameters are further extended to include degrees of verticality-horizontality, homophony-polyphony, regularity-randomness, etc. The "moments" are related to each other by "Einschübe" (Inserts) from previously played moments. There are also many degrees of reciprocal relationships between the various moments. The texts in four languages are drawn from the "Song of Solomon," passages from a letter by Mary Bauermeister, the "Kala Kasesa Ba-u" from the Trobriand Islands in British New Guinea, a quotation from William Blake, names from fairy-tales, invented names, whispers, cries, claps, snaps, audience reactions (shouts, phrases), and invented onomatopoeic words and purely phonetic nonsense syllables. The intricate score has many possible orderings or redistributions of this material into these larger sections: Denn die Liebe ist stärker als der Tod (For love is stronger than death) -- "Hear the moments, the music of love with which love is renewed in all of us" -; Dodi - " Your breasts are like two twin deer ... twins of the night ..." -; Orgelmoment (Organ Moment) "ti jo ma lä ku rö, kitapotäva, laputo, lina, bravo, nain, nain, bravo ..."; Kama - "Er kiss moi with de Kusse of sa bocca car Deine love ist lieblicher que Wein (a "Euro-speak" combination of languages: he kisses me with the kiss of his mouth because your love is more sweet than wine)" -; Klatschmoment (Applause Moment), a dense simultaneity of full texts, mostly from the "Song of Solomon"; Maka - "look, my, you, beautiful and lovely, he, friend, are beautiful ... he he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in Eternity's sunrise, Kama, moonmouth, lion eyes ..."; and Betmoment (Prayer Moment) - "Hei Ka Ma Ma Ka Do .. I sleep ... but my heart wakes, there is the voice of my friend who knocks ... Colors".