Joel Andrews

Locrian Invocation for Love, Light, and Power

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New Age music began a golden era in 1975, and this album by concert harpist Joel Andrews typifies its spiritual intensity, integrity, and innocence. Andrews has never really "sold out" musically, but there is something very unique about Locrian Invocation, which Andrews says he channeled from the ascended master Kuthumi. During the recording session, 12 "lightworkers" (who helped begin the album with a very powerful "aum") sat around the harp to help focus energy. Andrews plays the harp in the stately Locrian mode, which conjures up visions of sacred Greek temples. The second invocation begins with the harp roaring thunderously, then Andrews opens up with sparkling glissandi and ponderous bass notes that make you check the status of your spiritual bank account. Andrews comes to the rescue with a redemptive theme, but those who think spiritual music is only for airheads will be surprised by the depth and power of this complex improvisation. Awesome.