Live Target Video 1980-1981

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A lot has been said about Flipper and their live shows over the years -- comments ranging from being a daring band that challenged their audience by not doing the expected "punk rock moves," or merely being an unpredictable, drunken mess. But the vintage performances that comprise the 2008 DVD Live Target Video 1980-1981 show the band in all their slowed-down-fury-glory. This is the visual proof that Flipper was the first-ever punk band to slow down all the speed to a Sabbath-y crawl -- common territory for metal bands, but virtually unheard of at the time for punkers (and an approach soon adopted by the likes of Black Flag, the Melvins, etc.). You'll also get a rare visual glimpse of the original Flipper lineup (bassist Will Shatter bought the farm back in 1987) performing quite a few all-time punk classics, including "Ha, Ha, Ha," "Love Canal," and "Sex Bomb," among others. That said, don't expect precisely played renditions, but as Flipper's legion of admirers will attest, it was exactly this loosey goosey, devil-may-care attitude that set them apart from the punk pack in the first place. Also of note is the crowd they play in front of during the first performance here. Instead of punkers with Mohawks, safety pins, and leather jackets, it's mostly comprised of friends and older family members. Live Target Video 1980-1981 is a fitting testament as to why Flipper is considered one of the most groundbreaking and influential punk bands to ever hit a note.

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