Pete Terrace

Latin Soul

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Latin Soul is an obscure part-reissue of the King of the Boogaloo live set. Gone are all the four covers requiring licensing: songs by Joe Cuba, Jimmy Sabater and Johnny Rivera. Also missing is "It's Boogaloo Time" by Marty Sheller, Pete Terrace, and Marty Wilson, the trio who wrote all the rest. Instead there are three studio tracks mixed with applause in an attempt to make them sound like the live set. "Latin Sauce," "Oregano," and "Get Up" feature organ and sound more like Latin rock than Latin Soul. ("Get Up" is in fact a reworking of the Philip Upchurch Combo's hit, "You Can't Sit Down.") These three are published by Mio International and, given the wider availability of King of the Boogaloo, are the chief reason to appreciate Latin Soul.