Jeff Mills

Kat Moda

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If one Jeff Mills record more than any other became a staple of mid- to late-'90s techno, it would probably have to be Kat Moda. It became almost a given that any techno DJ owned at least one copy of this record, primarily for "The Bells." This song has everything a DJ can want in a quality techno record for the dancefloor: a catchy piano melody perfect for humming or whistling to, a quick and slamming bass kick compressed beyond belief, some showering high-hats, a suspense generating synth riff, and a refreshing sense of minimalism. The other three tracks on this record remain consistent to "The Bells," with "Kat Race" doing little but replacing the piano melody with a subtler riff. The key to these songs is the locked-in-place percussive loops that Mills lays down as the foundation for his tracks; seldom does the rhythm alter itself, never changing tempo and rarely changing its composition.