Jeff Mills

Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo

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More than any other release, Live at the Liquid Room illustrates perfectly why Jeff Mills deserves his godlike reputation. Ostensibly a DJ mix but also a showcase for Mills' production work, the album provides ample evidence of his brilliance over the course of three distinct segments, each comprised of numerous tracks, roughly half of which are Mills' own productions. These segments come from a three-hour performance recorded on October 28, 1995, at The Liquid Room in Tokyo. Unlike most DJ mix albums, which are most often recorded in the studio, often with computer-aided mixing devices, Live at the Liquid Room fulfills its billing -- it's indeed a live recording. As such, it's less than pristine -- for instance, you can hear the needle drop, the crowd noise, occasional train wrecks, and other audience-recording phenomena -- yet, flaws and all, this is precisely Live at the Liquid Room's beauty. You see, Mills mixes at a jaw-dropping tempo, rarely allowing a given track more than two minutes or so; furthermore, since the mixing is so frantic, the mixes themselves are seemingly instinctual, often overlapping and sometimes abrupt yet mostly perfect. Thus you're taken back considerably by Mills' masterful technique as he goes through 38 tracks over the course of the three segments. Moreover, as mentioned, Mills throws down many of his own productions, 17 to be exact, and the others come from such luminaries as Surgeon, Joey Beltram, and Advent. Mills even offers a few drawn-out highlights like the booty-funk of "Work That Body" and the Detroit homage of "Strings of Life" to offset the otherwise dizzying blur of his mix. There really isn't a better testament of Mills' talent than Live at the Liquid Room, unless of course you were actually there in Tokyo that night.

Track Listing

Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 01:09 Amazon
2 01:40 Amazon
01:47 Amazon
feat: Joey Beltram
01:26 Amazon
feat: Millsart
01:42 Amazon
6 02:19 Amazon
7 01:04 Amazon
feat: DJ Funk
01:07 Amazon
feat: DJ Funk
02:55 Amazon
10 01:08 Amazon
feat: Wicked Wipe
02:07 Amazon
02:25 Amazon
13 02:39 Amazon
01:21 Amazon
feat: IO
01:25 Amazon
feat: Joey Beltram
01:00 Amazon
feat: Club MCM
01:56 Amazon
18 01:18 Amazon
feat: Surgeon
01:59 Amazon
feat: Traxmen
00:40 Amazon
21 01:13 Amazon
feat: Claude Young
00:55 Amazon
feat: The Advent
03:11 Amazon
feat: DJ Skull
01:27 Amazon
25 03:24 Amazon
26 00:55 Amazon
27 02:00 Amazon
feat: Ken Ishii
01:51 Amazon
feat: Damon Wild
03:11 Amazon
feat: X-102
01:22 Amazon
31 01:11 Amazon
feat: H & M
00:34 Amazon
feat: Shadow
00:47 Amazon
feat: Dan Morgan
01:09 Amazon
35 02:53 Amazon
36 03:57 Amazon
37 01:27 Amazon
38 02:30 Amazon
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