Acid Mothers Temple

Hypnotic Liquid Machine from the Golden Utopia

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Acid Mothers Temple aim for the title of Most Prolific Band Ever with this "single," yet another limited edition (1,000) and available only on tour. And "single" is in quotes because while consisting of only two tracks, this is AMT after all, so it tops out at an album-length 44 minutes of trademarked nutso-freakazoid psychedelia. Mainstays Kawabata Makoto, Tsuyama Atsushi, Higashi Hiroshi, and Koizumi Hajime are joined by second drummer Maruichi and Magic Aum Jiji, who is credited with Jew's harp and "erotic underground." The title track is a barely controllable beast, with two drummers fighting for rhythmic supremacy while everyone else solos at the same time. It is a totally raging, cacophonous freak-out noise until the middle section, where everything drops away except Jiji's bouncing-yet-droning Jew's harp, run through massive amounts of reverb and echo. And when the blood pressure has calmed and the sweat has started to dry off your mind, they all kick in again with Makoto just ripping his guitar strings to shreds, taking the Hendrixian guitar solo blueprint and burning it forever. Track two is a little more special, being a live jam/cover of Frank Zappa's "Willie the Pimp." For what it is worth, Makoto solidly apes Zappa's guitar tone and style, and whoever is on vocals does a serviceable Beefheart imitation. The track does suffer from low fidelity, but it only enhances the experience, lending it a bootleg ambience. For both music and wrestling geeks, this song is credited to Captain Bret Heart and Terry Funk Zappa. An excellent release, but it will probably be hard to find as time goes by.