Pete Namlook

Four Seasons

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Four Seasons is a collection from Pete Namlook's individual CDs dedicated to the seasons. The seasons have had major roles in shaping modern music since the 1700s with Antonio Vivaldi's major symphony "The Four Seasons." Piotr Iliach Tchaikovsky also composed a symphony of the same name. Frankie Valli started a pop group called the Four Seasons. Wendy Carlos created Sonic Seasonings, an electronic epic complete with samples and atmospheres. In fact, all of the referenced works have loads of atmosphere. Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky created acoustic atmospheres. Namlook builds his atmospheres from deep drones; they are electronic atmospheres. "Summer" is arid atmospheric minimalism. Namlook approaches this opus from the lazy side. The music is neither bright nor dark; the rhythms and pace are slow. It is, for all intents and purposes, beatless. This is "lemonade" ambience -- it is best out on the deck with a chilled aperitif. "Autumn" is a mysterious soundscape with some desert ambience overtones and textures. It is a transitional piece with rhythmic ambience and atmospheric minimalism. The music implies darker skies, cold winds, and rustling leaves. "Winter" is, as expected, a very cold and very gray soundscape. Namlook combines deep minimalism with some very light sequences and steady atmospheres. The winter solstice is a time to regroup, so this soundscape continuously folds in on itself and regroups. "Spring" is the final transition, as a rebirth occurs. Namlook's atmospheres are warm and inviting as natural samples surround a low drone. This joyful soundscape rejuvenates the listener and strengthens the soul. This is a great set. The only remotely close comparison is the aforementioned Sonic Seasonings. There are also similarities to the desert ambience of TUU, Ma Ja Le, Temps Perdu?, and Biff Johnson. This set is totally essential.