Feels Like Heaven

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Remix albums have gained the unfortunate reputation of being hit-or-miss affairs, usually falling firmly on the side of "miss." Unfortunately, Pigface's Feels Like Heaven is no exception. First of all, it falls prey to the standard failing of remix albums: too many of the songs are repeated. There are three versions of "Chikasaw" and two of "Steamroller," neither of which were the band's most notable efforts in the first place. Occasionally the remixes work, with the "Devilish Mix" of "Divebomber" being the best of the bunch, although it's still not quite as good as the original. A few of the other tracks are listenable though dull, and the interview snippets are quite interesting, but there are far too many bland industrial/dance crossovers here -- especially pointless when the original songs were already perfect dancefloor material.

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