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Reissue in CD format of the LPs Djavan (1978) and Alumbramento (1980), two excellent releases especially suited for those who aren't into the subsequent funk phase of the inspired composer of sambas and sensitive canções. Djavan had the exciting sambas "Serrado" (which always was spelled erroneously, as he wanted to talk about the Cerrado), "Numa Esquina de Hanói," and "Samba Dobrado," along with the the intense song "Álibi" (recorded later with enormous success by Maria Betânia), the evocative "Cara de Índio," and the sensitive "Água." Alumbramento opens with the vigorous samba with fusion touches, "Tem Boi Na Linha," followed by the delicate samba-canção "Sim Ou Não," the sorrowful songs "Lambada de Serpente" and "Meu Bem Querer," the hit "A Rosa" (powerful samba with the participation of Chico Buarque), the samba "Sururu de Capote," and "Aquele Um" (once more, a vigorous samba with a soul brass section).