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Leon Vynehall has always scoffed at being labeled a house DJ/producer, and his soul-searching 2018 full-length Nothing Is Still proved his ambitions as a composer rather than just a creator of banging club tracks. His installment of the long-running DJ-Kicks series, like several other volumes, is more of an eclectic set geared for home listening than a night out. It's the type of mix that will send certain listeners scouring the internet and used record stores for long-forgotten vinyl, potentially spending way too much money in the process. Even if it doesn't, it's guaranteed to expose you to several things you weren't aware of, even if you also possess DJ crates as deep as Vynehall's. The first half of the mix darts between several different styles and eras (funky Japanese pop/rock from Haruomi Hosono's early-'70s solo debut, early-'90s Brit soul from the Bygraves, '80s tape-mangled industrial noise from Bourbonese Qualk), and the segues generally keep the vibe going without making too much of a scene. Halfway through, the mix gets significantly more propulsive and beat-driven, with DJ Zozi's lo-fi house groover "Mellow Vibe" arriving like a burst of sunshine. Following a few '90s deep cuts (including a deep house gem from Crinan), there's a brief set of exclusives, culminating in the kinetic electro-techno of "Faxing Jupiter" by the wonderful Peach. Vynehall interrupts this mood to ramp things up a bit, with some pirate radio interference leading into some jungle (including a scorching rarity from Source Direct alias Mirage), IDM (the track from AFX's Hangable Auto Bulb with the sample of a guy asking a kid "Why do you hate mashed potatoes?"), and a relatively calm footwork track from Jana Rush. It all concludes with a nice, placid piano composition by Robert Haigh. Vynehall's DJ-Kicks plays like a set by adventurous college radio DJs eager to show off every record that's been exciting them lately.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Leon Vynehall 01:51 Amazon
2 Leon Vynehall feat: Kemikal 02:01 Amazon
3 Leon Vynehall feat: Tomaga 02:17 Amazon
4 Leon Vynehall feat: De Fabriek 00:42 Amazon
5 Leon Vynehall feat: Haruomi Hosono 03:01 Amazon
6 Leon Vynehall feat: dgoHn 03:04 Amazon
7 Leon Vynehall feat: The Bygraves 04:21 Amazon
8 Leon Vynehall feat: Martin Chartrand / David Curtis / Degrees of Freedom / Cadman Janet 03:40 Amazon
9 Leon Vynehall feat: Ellen Fullman 00:41 Amazon
10 Leon Vynehall feat: Bourbonese Qualk 04:16 Amazon
11 Leon Vynehall feat: Shamos 02:37 Amazon
12 Leon Vynehall feat: Dave Ball / Genesis P-Orridge 03:04 Amazon
13 Leon Vynehall feat: Run Dust 01:44 Amazon
14 Leon Vynehall feat: DJ Zozi 03:06 Amazon
15 Leon Vynehall feat: RAC 02:17 Amazon
16 Leon Vynehall feat: Primitive 02:32 Amazon
17 Leon Vynehall feat: Crinan 04:58 Amazon
18 Leon Vynehall feat: Ploy 02:58 Amazon
19 Leon Vynehall 02:04 Amazon
20 Leon Vynehall feat: Pavilion 03:02 Amazon
21 Leon Vynehall feat: Peach 03:29 Amazon
22 Leon Vynehall feat: Etch 04:36 Amazon
23 Leon Vynehall feat: Mirage 04:41 Amazon
24 Leon Vynehall feat: AFX 04:03 Amazon
25 Leon Vynehall feat: Jana Rush 02:59 Amazon
26 Leon Vynehall feat: Robert Haigh 03:08 Amazon
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