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Dance! The World's Favourite Ice-Skating Music

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EMI's Dance! The World's Favourite Ice-Skating Music is a splendid idea; one place where classical music remains a required element is in the world of figure skating. The music used in figure skating is of a rather specific kind; a fair amount of it is related to ballet, but some of it comes from the "classical favorites" category: movie scores, tango, and other areas sometimes only tangentially related to classical. Locating such themes -- indeed, some judging panels require the use of specific pieces -- can often be a hassle for an aspiring skater, and Dance! The World's Favourite Ice-Skating Music makes it a good deal easier by virtue of including a good number of the standard, expected works; moreover including certain longer ones in pre-shortened versions, durations more friendly to the average 5-6 minute figure skating program. Although this is a two-disc set, there are some notable things that could have been included that are not; certainly EMI could've added Vanessa-Mae's version of the Bach Toccata & Fugue, heard at many high-level skating competitions, and one is puzzled as to why The Young Prince and the Young Princess from Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade was skipped, as it is so, so common in figure skating. However, one will find an appropriately curtailed version of Ravel's Bolero, the Monti Czardas, Saint-Saëns' The Swan, Massenet's Thaïs Meditation et alia, and it is hard to argue against anything here that is included: certainly the theme to Schindler's List, "Dark Eyes," and even "The James Bond Theme" are all things that belong in this category.

It would have been useful for EMI to include even a single panel of notes, perhaps just mentioning some of the skaters that have used these musical bits, or at the very least to summarize the criteria that led to this compilation, but alas, there is not a single word. Nevertheless, while Dance! The World's Favourite Ice-Skating Music might not help you land your triple salchow with more surety, it will at least give a reasonable shot at finding the right music to execute it to.

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