Choice Cuts


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Choice Cuts Review

by Paul Kott

According to Impaled, the fact that Choice Cuts contains previously released material caused something of a negative backlash from a few fanatical fans. That's technically true, but, more realistically, all the tracks on this disc are either unreleased or have appeared only on obscure compilations and split 7" releases on underground labels. Thus, unfortunately for defenders of human decency and morality, this collection of gut-wrenching goregrind is now easily available to the general public. Impaled has a ballistic grind sound strongly reminiscent of early Carcass. The lyrical themes, however, while delivered in a pretty obviously sarcastic tone, are so over the top with the most offensive and revolting subjects that even while the most callous death metal fiend laughs with glee, he or she will almost undoubtedly be fighting the urge to vomit with revulsion. "Until Death" is probably as close to a love song as Impaled is likely to ever come. It's the story of a hapless lover who is stimulated while performing a simultaneous autopsy on both himself and a dead female subject until he's removed enough of his own flesh and body parts to finally die. Other standout, gut-wrenching songs include "From Here to Colostomy," "Ingestion of Colotomic Funk," and "Immaculate Defecation." It's really no surprise, then, that Impaled managed to conceive of a cover design so shocking and offensive that the record label, Necropolis, had to include a censorship insert over it in order to convince their manufacturing plant to even package the album for sale. The art in question features a very unrealistic looking photograph of a newborn baby on a bed of lettuce, and the arms of a sweatband-wearing individual preparing to cut the baby's head off with a hacksaw. These guys prove again with Choice Cuts that they are funny, brutal, and have definitely earned the title admonished by one reviewer, "the new gore gods."

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