Medical Waste

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No one will ever accuse Impaled of subtlety. Both musically and lyrically, Impaled is completely over-the- top -- which goes with the territory when your specialty is death metal. But Medical Waste points to the fact that Impaled, in their own twisted way, are more musical than a lot of bands in the death metal/black metal/grindcore fields. Some death metallers thrive on sensory assault for the sake of sensory assault; they play at breakneck speed 100% of the time and offer little in the way of variety or melody. Impaled, however, aren't quite as predictable. They vary the tempos, playing ultra-fast at times and slowing things down when they see fit. And the vocals aren't one-dimensional; this six-track EP is full of the sort of choked, tormented, larynx-shredding vocals that death metal and grindcore are known for, but some of the vocals border on "normal" headbanger singing (whatever "normal" is -- one man's "normal" is another's "abnormal"). The tunes on Medical Waste fall into three categories: new, original material ("Raise the Stakes," "Choice Cuts," "Gross Anatomy"), new covers (Deadbolt's "The Hearse," and Nirvana's "Tourettes") and live performances ("Back to the Grave," "Until Death"). And when the EP is finished playing, it is obvious that Impaled isn't a one-trick pony -- they're always extreme, but they find different ways to be extreme. Carcass remains a prominent influence; the title Medical Waste lets you know that Impaled continues to share Carcass' sick sense of humor and love of medical themes (although one doesn't need a medical textbook to understand Impaled's song titles). Of course, the differences between Carcass and Impaled will be lost on those who don't care for death metal (which is certainly an acquired taste). Medical Waste is strictly for Impaled's hardcore fans.

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