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Meredith Louise Miller (she also goes by just Meredith Miller) is a singer from Texas. She recorded this album, her first, when she was only 19. Her most prevalent influence at the time was country, but there are some solo acoustic ballads, too, as well as one track that has a rock groove. The album is filled with the sort of quirky, idiosyncratic, silly songs one would expect from anyone writing music at that young of an age. One wonders what she thinks of it many years later. To an outsider, the album is adorable. Her honesty, along with her stream-of-consciousness lyrics and Southern accent make this work utterly charming. Perhaps Miller's songs work best when she is presented alone with her acoustic guitar, like on "Dad's Flannel" and "Thank You," but quirky ensemble songs like "11:11," "Food Song," and "To a Bee" also grab your attention and produce a smile. There are also some good love songs which are more straightforward in approach, like "Forward into Love," "Humanly," and "Didn't Mean It," and that last one rocks more than one would expect. Miller's later work is surely more mature and better developed, but in terms of innocence and individuality, nothing could possibly top this.