Blondi Comes Alive

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In the late 1970s, the very same recording that resulted in Live! on Bumstead resulted in Blondi Comes Alive on Dreamland. Some diehard Blondie fans purchased both bootleg LPs, thinking they would be hearing different sets; however, they were one in the same and were both recorded at the Starwood in West Hollywood, CA on April 25, 1978. Bootleg labels have been known to rip each other off, although in this case, chances are that the same people who ran Bumstead ran Dreamland. Because both LPs have decent sound quality and offer the same material, the main thing that gives Live! a slight edge over Blondi Comes Alive is the fact that the latter has inferior liner notes. Some of the songs aren't listed in the proper order, Blondie's name is misspelled and Dreamland claims that the LP was "made in Saudi Arabia" -- which is most unlikely given that country's restrictions on Western culture. Dreamland probably made the latter two "mistakes" on purpose in the hope of fooling law enforcement into thinking that Blondi Comes Alive was a legal import instead of a bootleg. Despite its inferior liner notes, Blondi Comes Alive is worth obtaining if you don't already have Live! -- and if you are able to find a rare copy.