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Bible Launcher

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Bible Launcher combines the troublemaking antics of Negativland and the merciless anti-televangelist and Christianity satire of Frank Zappa with a small dose of free jazz (mostly courtesy of saxophonist 99 Hooker) and an overall foundation of funk-tinged prog-metal (think Faith No More crossed with Japan's Ruins). If that sounds like a complicated formula, it is, and the ways in which the group follows through on that formula both make and break this album. There are certainly some provocative moments on this CD. Most striking is the sequence that begins with a deliberately out-of-context sample of an anti-homosexuality sermon ("We will sodomize your sons/wherever young men are gathered/our only god is handsome young men!"). This quote is followed by a heavy rock instrumental, a screaming tenor saxophone/drums duet, a filthy monologue by 99 Hooker and finally an X-rated sample taken from a porn video. Equal parts vulgarity, subversive humor, and sheer anger, this fast-paced segment makes a statement that goes beyond mere shock for shock's sake and is almost guaranteed to draw some type of strong reaction from listeners. However, this section only lasts about seven minutes, and the rest of the album does not consistently come through in the same way. Sometimes the spoken word samples (usually of religious preachers) are less than gripping, sometimes the accompanying music is just unremarkable. Even when some of the component parts are interesting -- whether it be a heavy bass riff or a funny sample from a radio call-in show -- they do not always gel when layered together or placed side-by-side. Still, while this album could have been more effectively put together (or, at the very least, edited down to about half of its present length), it does represent an original concept and delivers some remarkable, provocative moments. [Note that the Radical House issue of this album, which replaced the original Tzadik label version after that one was pulled from the shelves, contains seven extra tracks and is also sequenced in a different order.]

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1 0:18
2 1:45
3 1:12
4 2:26
5 0:21
6 2:13
7 1:11
8 1:48
9 1:00
10 3:02
11 2:25
12 0:53
13 2:44
14 1:33
15 1:12
16 1:44
17 1:44
18 2:12
19 1:04
20 1:40
21 2:39
22 2:29
23 2:40
24 1:33
25 1:01
26 0:20
27 0:49
28 0:18
29 4:23
30 0:42
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