Bible Launcher

Bible Launcher II

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The main criticism of the first Bible Launcher CD is that it was too long for its own good by a good 20 minutes or so; it made its point and had several entertaining, provocative sequences, but also plenty of filler. This sequel CD, weighing in at 73 minutes with a whopping 47 tracks, follows the same formula as the first disc -- layering excerpts from religious sermons, radio broadcasts, and porno movies atop prog rock and funk-rock vamps, interspersed with ranting monologues and free jazz saxophones -- but it suffers from an even bigger lack of interesting material. Most of the tracks are less than two minutes long, but unfortunately the album plays out more like a long sequence of underdeveloped bits and pieces rather than a coherent (or even chaotic) stream of ideas. So, not only are the parts themselves somewhat boring, they are also not put together in a way that allows the album to build up any momentum or to create any real striking contrasts from one idea to the next (something the first disc did in certain spots). 99 Hooker's X-rated monologues are entertaining, and his Brotzmann-esque tenor saxophone wailing is always good to hear, but these sporadic contributions alone are not enough to carry the album.