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With Man having already shattered on the rocks of unfulfilled expectations in early 1976, it seemed a strange time to be releasing a new single, all the more so when the marathon jam of "Bananas" neither fit, nor belonged, on a 7-inch disc.

Marketed as an EP despite containing only two songs - the nine minute title track split into two 33rpm-playing halves - Bananas was reprised from 1972's oddly Deke Leonard-less Be Good To Yourself album. A mighty slice of friendly buoyancy, it was built around sparkling acoustic guitars and twinkling keys - qualities that certainly increased its chance of UK radio airplay; and the lyrical insistence (later borrowed in part by Robyn Hitchcock) "I like to eat bananas because they've got no bones/I like marijuana because it gets me stoned" - which snatched those chances away again.

No surprise, then, to learn that Bananas peeled off into oblivion, and today it lines up alongside all those other blink-and-you'll-miss-'em Man goodies that baffle and infuriate the band's many collectors.