Karlow the Great

Attitude Adjustment

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Attitude Adjustment seems far too thought-out to be a debut album. Yet, as difficult as it may seem to consider Karlow the Great a rookie on this 2001 release by KaZaZZ Records, Attitude Adjustment is indeed his debut. And what a debut it is, encompassing three aspects of life: "the Game," "the Times," and "the Life," in that order. Karlow begins his album singing and rapping about the Game, which mostly centers around women. The album-opening "Girls" stands out as one of this album's highlights, a lively ode to what makes the Game such a sport for men like Karlow. After four more songs about the game, the man known as the Great begins the most substantial section of this album, what he calls the Times. Here, Karlow explores a range of topics relevant to contemporary life, from songs about his male friends in the Game ("My Dogs") to himself ("Bald and Buff," "That's My Jam"). Finally, Karlow embarks on the most serious section of his debut album, the Life. Rather than emphasize the darker side of life -- which can no doubt be harsh, even for someone as "great" as Karlow -- the multi-talented artist instead emphasizes the lighter side of life, first singing about "Havin' Fun" before getting quite personal on the album's two final songs, "Love My Life" and "Principles of Life." By the time you reach the conclusion of this album, you surely understand why Karlow is referred to as the Great -- his world outlook is truly vast, and he articulates his outlook through songs that are as enjoyable as they are enriched with knowledge. Furthermore, you become so seduced by Karlow's themes that you often overlook the fact that he also produced this debut as well as wrote the entirety of it, yet another testament to his greatness. Considering Attitude Adjustment is only Karlow's debut, you can't help but wonder how much greater music is to come from such a unique and blessed artist.

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