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Inasmuch as any Circle album could be considered "typical," Andexelt finds the irreverent Finns in quintessential "circular" form: a driving Motorik rhythm informs the majority of the purely instrumental songs here, this time in the straightest rock sense, landing nearer to American retro-futurists like Trans Am, the Octopus Project, and Six Finger Satellite than their usual Krautrock forebears. All throughout their explorations of folk, psych, prog, metal, drone, free jazz, etc. they've managed to maintain that which makes them Circle, the ebbing and flowing, trance-inducing, always-rounding-in-on-itself, circular motif, but here it's at its most clearly apparent by being reinforced by crunchy (but not metal) guitars, psychotic synths, and on the title track a stomping monster of a drum pattern not far removed from John Bonham's on "When the Levee Breaks." In addition to that opening barn burner you have jazzy/dubby noir creepers with flute solos ("Odultept," "Paljasta"), quirky no wave workouts with repetitive piano figures and divebombing guitars ("20 Milate"), complex math rockers held together by power chords, stately keys and impeccable timing ("Lisääpui"), mysterious slow-burning floaters laced with incandescent guitar and shards of feedback ("Humusaar"), not to mention the 18-minute closing opus "Friitalan Nahka" which really showcases the band's epic space rock heights, all of which results in the most linear and rewarding of all of Circle's vast catalog.