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Amen Review

by Rick Anderson

If Hanna feels any conflict between his twin commitments to house music and hardcore drum'n'bass, none of that comes through on this darkly brilliant gem of an album, which fuses apparently non-ironic religious sentiments (mainly of the voice crying in the wilderness variety) with echoey minor-chord washes and slamming tech-step breakbeat mayhem. This is not music for relaxing, and like most drum'n'bass, it's also music that would prove difficult to dance to for anyone with a metabolism slower than a hummingbird's. Mainly it works for listening in the car or on headphones, where the minute details of compositions like "Voice of Warning" (with its drastically distorted drum sound and creepy vocal samples) or "Hearse" (with its tiny and pointillistic drum-machine syncopations and robotic bassline) can be most easily heard and appreciated. There's nothing here that will convert the skeptical -- yes, the beats are kind of repetitious and the lyrical content is fragmented -- but fans of dark drum'n'bass will like this album very much.

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